Sealer Additives

Speed is yours for the pouring
Dries sealer fast!!

Stops tracking
Improves sand dispersion
Use with all sealers
Dries fast

5 Gallon Pail

Dual Action Additive
Use in Coal Tar Sealer When Added Thickening is Needed, along with Fast Drying

5 Gallon Pail

The latest advancement in fast dry technology for the fastest dry times
Fortified with SSA (Sand Suspension Additive) for Dual Action performance… fast cure and sand suspension.

The blackest color – The toughest film
Ideal for coal tar emulsion, asphalt emulsion, or blended sealers.

Rubberized Polymer Additive
Meets FAA Specs for pavement sealer additives
Fortified with fast drying additive

5 Gallon Pail

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